Little Villa is my creative home. Hi, my name is Sarah, and I am a graphic designer by trade, and part time illustrator/artist/creative. I am a proud mama and wife. I grew up in a very creative family, in a (big) villa in Mt Eden Auckland. At 25 I relocated a (little) villa from Cockle Bay to Papakura Auckland, where I currently live with a family of my own. After trading under the name RahRa, I found it just wasn't fitting right - its so hard to name and define your own business! I'm bursting with ideas that are sometimes all over the place in terms of outcome/style/subject matter, but are all part of me. Illustrative, patterns, geometrics, detail and line work, shapes, animals, nostalgia, stylised and realistic. Little Villa Studio seems to encompass all my creative musings and feels like a nice little home for me.

I have a special interest in illustrating for special memories and nostalgia. This stems from parents who collected various antiques and treasures, the stories from their childhood, enjoying finding meanings and connections, to loosing my brother and only having memories left. 

From villa/housing details (thanks to my architect dad!), to pieces of furniture with special meaning, babies first outfits, wedding day flowers, your childhood favourite toy...I love to create personal artworks to remember your treasured moments and items. My prints are printed from my fancy home printer. Its an Epson Artisan and it uses archival quality inks, and I can print A4 and A3 before having to outsource.

My other area of interest is design for t-shirts (see how different this is from meaningful, nostalgia illustration?!). I've always designed for tees - hand painting characters onto tshirts for friends birthdays and even for a paying customer who worked at the French Art Shop! I get a real hit seeing my work on clothing. Becoming a mama to both a girl and a boy, I've seen a big hole in the market for clothing that is gender neutral and fun! Its either pink/purple/colourful princesses and flowers, or blue/grey/black trucks and bugs. Girls can get away with wearing some of the boys gear but boys are so limited. Wheres the colour and variety for both? So I strive to create a fun range of tees that can be worn by anyone it appeals to, and have the possibility of being passed down regardless of gender. 

My fabric products are digitally printed on demand by an awesome little company in Papamoa. They are printed onto quality AS Colour products. And have the advantage of choosing the illustration/graphic you like and getting it on a choice of coloured tees (not just pink for girls or blue for boys). As our tees are printed on demand they are shipped directly to you. I'd love to see your photos of our products as I don't get a sneak peak before they hit your letterbox. 

With nearly 10 years experience working as a graphic designer and marketing assistant, with freelance illustration and graphic design projects on the side, I pride myself on exceeding clients expectations, meeting deadlines, and creating something really special.

To discuss your illustration and design needs, please get in touch. 
We are based in Auckland, New Zealand, and our hours are based around family.
That being said we aim to respond quickly to your emails.

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