I Do Details. Weddings are such a whirlwind, and we spend so much time getting all the little details just right, yet they are quickly forgotten with the excitement of the big day. We want to capture these and turn them into their own piece of art.


This package is for 3 momentos illustrated in our sketchy, loose, coloured style.

Once purchased we will contact you, or you can contact us, and we will get you to send through the images you'd like illustrated. You can also specify if you'd like it portrait or landscape format, or leave it up to us to decide what works best with the items you have chosen.


Suggestions for items - bouquet, buttonholes, wedding shoes, cufflinks, rings, earrings, cake... or anything you had that was special to your day. We only ask that you don't send us photos of people to illustrate - its not our strong suit and its important to get it right!

I Do Details

  • All our prints are printed onto an off white acid free paper using archival quality inks. This means they are high quality prints.

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